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Shine Bright Like a Bride

Shine Bright Like a Bride

Proper preparation is the key to achieving ultimate radiance when aiming for flawless skin.

A few weeks before the wedding or any important event, it is the perfect time to treat yourself to a pre-wedding treatment. This treatment provides hydration, freshness, and an impressive glow to your skin, ensuring that your bridal make-up looks flawless and you appear radiant and happy!

Kosmesis experts design the most effective treatments tailored to your needs. They are always available to create personalized protocols, especially when renewal and radiance are an absolute must for you.

Shine bright like a bride!

The treatment includes several essential steps, all crucial for immediate rejuvenation, whitening, and protection of the skin. It utilizes the valuable properties of vitamin C, a well-known and powerful antioxidant, which instantly makes tired skin glow and radiate! Consequently, the results are immediate and visible from the first session. Vitamin C not only protects the skin from photoaging but also helps prevent and treat discoloration, while significantly contributing to the production of collagen and elastin, keeping the skin brighter and firmer. Additionally, the application of strong whitening agents removes discolorations and reveals a flawless and youthful complexion.

The steps of Shine  bright:

  • Cleaning  with  GENOSYS Snow O2 Cleanser , based on oxygen particles. Combined with an energetic massage, the fine oxygen-based foam deeply cleanses pores and revitalizes tired skin.

  • Gentle sebum extraction using cleaning ultrasounds.

  • Application of 1-2 layers of the detox mask and leaving it on for up to 10 minutes, to completely remove impurities and excess sebum from the skin.

  • Applying high content vitamin C for an intense shine.

  • This is followed by the  Infrared LED Fotofacial application ,  which produces infrared red LED light and local heat that gently renews all layers of the skin. 

  • Followed by skin care,  with the most advanced medical-grade Dermocosmetics from the  Signature Skin Care Line , of Dr. Villy Rodopoulou:


A. Hydration with different serums:
The  Vitamin C + Ferulic Acid + Alpha-Arbutin Signature Serum stimulates collagen synthesis and contains antioxidant, anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, and whitening agents. This makes the skin radiant and youthful while providing protection against solar radiation and reducing the action of free radicals. The serum is quickly absorbed, leaving no traces of oil and creating a feeling of smoothness and softness on the skin. Visible improvement is noticeable from the first week of application.


The  Hyaluronic Acid + Niacinamide Signature Serum has a rich composition in Hyaluronic Acid of different molecular weights, allowing it to penetrate deep into the skin layers, offering full hydration and maintaining skin moisture at normal levels throughout the day. The medical-grade serum increases cell renewal and has proven anti-wrinkle and regenerative effects. It is quickly absorbed without leaving greasiness, leaving a velvety texture on the skin. Suitable for all skin types.


B. Treatment  with the best medical grade skin cosmetics, also from the  Signature Skin Care Line , by  Dr. Villy Rodopoulou:

Skin  Whitening  Signature  Treatment: A multifunctional scientific formula for skin restoration and rejuvenation to combat hyperpigmentation, photoaging, and skin discoloration.

Eye Rejuvenation Signature Treatment: An eye cream with an advanced scientific formula designed to provide immediate tightening in the delicate eye area with scientifically proven long-lasting results.


C. Sun protection

Sunscreen Face Cream Spf50+ Tinted: The most advanced medical-grade sunscreen, is now at your disposal! It combines sun filters and antioxidant ingredients, providing comprehensive protection from UVA & UVB solar radiation and the harmful action of free radicals.

This cream contains moisturizing agents like Argan oil, anti-inflammatory components such as a-bisabolol and Panthenol, anti-wrinkle ingredients like sodium hyaluronate, and antioxidants like Pomegranate extract and Vitamin E. These agents effectively care for the skin, making it bright and youthful.

Suitable for all skin types, this sunscreen's special composition creates a waterproof protective film on the skin without leaving any traces of oiliness. Additionally, it offers coverage with a subtle pass partout color and a very light texture. Moreover, it features a wonderful fragrance, making it comfortable to use as a foundation while providing the maximum sun protection necessary for our skin! Dr. Villy Rodopoulou points this out.


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