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Don't forget your sun protection in the Spring!

Don't forget your sun protection in the Spring!

Spring sunshine is a luxury we enjoy even in the middle of winter in our country, Greece. However, it's important to remember that sun protection isn't just a summer concern. 

Proper sun protection is not a "summer" issue

The carefree nature of a walk in the open air, as the temperature becomes more and more pleasant, makes us unaware of the effect of solar radiation on our skin, since the sun does not burn as it does in summer. We don't feel the danger, on the contrary, we seek the sun like a caress. However, the dangerous solar radiation is there without being felt and its damage to our skin keeps adding up!

Anti-aging without sun protection does NOT exist

During spring, our skin becomes more susceptible to photo-aging, as both modern studies and traditional customs remind us. One such tradition is the "martis," a red and white bracelet believed to protect against the first spring sun's harm so don't forget to apply sunscreen along with your "martaki"!

Anti-aging actions make little sense without sun protection. This step is crucial for maintaining youthful skin and preventing aging. It stands as a fundamental principle, alongside hydration, in skincare practices. Dermatologists and experts consistently emphasize its vital role in skin health and as a last step in our daily skincare routine.

Dr. Villy Rodopoulou (Plastic Surgeon - MD, FEBOPRAS), founder of Dr. Villy medical-grade skincare, stresses that sun protection should never be overlooked. It is a year-round must, even on the coldest winter days.


Our Sunscreen Face Cream with SPF50+ is the ultimate "sun shield in a tube", providing a powerful blend of sun filters and antioxidants.

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